Only writers
What writers write


I won’t be, I can’t be

I won’t be be your drug
I can’t be your rug
If you feel lonely
Just buy a pug

I won’t be your filling station
I can’t be your animation
If you feel down
Get yourself a clown

I won’t be your daddy
I can’t be your mother
If you want help
Just ask your brother

I won’t be your slave
I can’t be your daisy
If you want me for me
Stop being lazy

Cynical sarcasm

Mental spasm
Cynical sarcasm
Acrimonious spout
Triggering my senses
You draw them all out

Rattling my cage
You challenge
My mood
But I just ignore
Your predictable attitude

Bitter derision
Ironical taunt
I struggle to ignore
Your pitiful flaunt

You’ve gone too far
You crossed the line
Please go to bed
After you finish
Your w(h)ine…

Airborne 101

Easy company
Thrown from the sky
Shot by fellow tradesmen
Not ready to die

Heroes dropped
Far in war
Some running
Did not get far

Lost on their own
Tried to save us
Cover blown

Face down
In a pool of blood
Crying for mother
Praying to God…

Wet dream

I dreamed of her
When she woke me up
In the rain
When I noticed a wet stain
And could not comprehend
Why there was a tiny hole
In my brand new
Lidl tent