eye candy
gone dry
settled in the corner
of my awakening eye

my dreams hardened
into crusty bits
after I dreamed
of your voluptuous t(·)(·)ts

Ol’ Phil

ol’ Phil
fits the bill
he’s the one
that would kill
just for a thrill
and I think
that he will
in the still
of the night


an alien nation
landed on earth
during the probation
they wanted to feast and drink
during their vacation

they drank all the moonshine
in Georgia and Kentucky
they never got caught
I guess one can say
they were lucky 🍀

Witty word: Philosofree

definition of philosofree

Free of any kind or type of philosophy, principles, concepts, dogmas and doctrines:
After reading all books on philosophy Walter decided to become philosofree and burn all his books whilst thinking why a book is called a book.

Freeing all philosophers of their ideology:
Ivan said: “Men, I shall philosofree thee and let you believe what I have to say, which is nothing”.

Origin of philosofree:
2021; poetpas ©; Modern English, based on silliness and wit.