12 thoughts on “25%

  1. It’s actually a myth that we only use 25% of our brain. If we didn’t use it there we be no point in having a brain that large. We use different parts of the brain for different things. It depends on what we’re doing.

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  2. Yeah, it’s a myth that our brains are mostly unused (rather than mostly busy with stuff other than conscious thought).  But the way the myth is stated here is great fun and unlikely to mislead anybody.  Hmmm.  Consider the folks who show up (defiantly w/o masks) at big gatherings in red states in the USA.  They might buy it.  Oh well, they have already bought so much more and so much worse that it doesn’t matter.

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  3. Our behaviour as such depicts that we use even less. Think of all the hatred, oppression, wilful stupidity, ignorance, etc. I do hope that the air left in our brains is unpolluted and supplies us with enough oxygen to make up for our dormant grey matter 😁


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