I write whatever comes to and through mind, heart, thought and soul, inspired and balanced by black humor, wit and melancholy and a dash of philosophy.

My writing can be harsh, sweet, rough, romantic, rude, comical, shocking, endearing and confronting. I aim to awaken the brain and take the piss…

Please note that what I write is purely fictional, thus NOT personal, to be taken very lightly and not 2 seriously!

I am solely a writer, not a reader. I have come to write and not to read. I don’t care for likes or follows.

If my posts are open to comments they will most often be approved, read and removed.

I happily despise (a)social media.

Most photos used on my blog are from Pixabay and Pexels.

I appreciate the recognition, but I don’t participate in blog awards nor challenges.

Last but not least: I’m not here to seek romance…