shining starman
galactic eyes
this lyrical labyrinth
his myth in disguise

fallen to earth
blessed with dark voice
his majestic apparel
and intellectual poise

shy oddity
golden hair
humble chameleon
with androgynous flair

magical star lit
in a theatrical maze
graciously styled
a visual daze

talented genius
majored in Tom
gracious Jones
my musical bomb

He’s too perfect

he’s too perfect
too well known
his threads immaculate
and quaintly shown

he’s too perfect
too good looking
his food so healthy
and he’s excellent at cooking

he’s too perfect
too kind to be mean
his house is so neat
almost ocd clean

he’s too perfect
too perfect to match
he dodges all intimacy
and is impossible to catch


old trash rekindled
revived to retro
pulled out the dumps
straight from the ghetto

air is all stale
table and chair
piled up for sale
at a price above fair

rusty lock
industrial lamps
seventies stock
give me the cramps

revamped to junk
in battered trunk
fresh antique
tres new chic

vintaged venerable stuff
resold as hype
I’ve had enough

Defective Daisy

defective Daisy
was insane
plain crazy
stuck in a fog
everything hazy

out of whack
her wires crossed
trying to find
her marbles
gone lost

she was committed
as she couldn’t hack it
tried to fit
and did
in a straight jacket