am I willing
am I able
able to cope
with the rope
that extends the time
tying years together
in predictive boredom
of birthdays yet to come
and fogged
by hollow words
mixed with cake and beer
and fear
having to do this again
and again
every bloody year?

Piquant spittle

and turning
to impart flavor
the relish
I truly savour

our tongues duel
and softly wriggle,
the quench
for love’s fuel
you kindly giggle

I taste
the zest
your piquant spittle
the remnants
of last night’s food
a little…

Empty cup

oh coffee cup
oh coffee cup
you stare at me
with your
bottom bare

I shall refill you
with more
lucious brown
and boost my buds
with flair

Corvus Corax

black raven
sitting on a fence
feeling blue
don’t know what to do

waiting for death
to come to his gate
was it eyes of a human
he recently ate?

looking at me
if I were its prey
too big to handle?
maybe some day…