Miss Hayworth

a saucy beast
wanted to feast
put on a dress
but it got creased
when she fell
rolled in the hay
all messed up
to her dismay

her date arrived
a gentle man
his name was Laurel
but she called him Stan

she jumped his bones
and rode him hard
he just laughed
no disregard…

Little one

little one
on her arm
her nana
meant no harm
when she dropped her
on the floor
when granddad
opened the door

little one
broken in two
nana clueless
what to do
granddad said
I’ll fix her up
I’ll just get
some super glue

Arts n Farts

potential rubble
a creative bubble
let it all out
let the wind blow it through

It may end up in a frame
it may come out with poo