the difference between living
in or on estate
could be £5 million

in an estate
one has the feeling
one has the whole place to oneself

whilst on an estate
we know,
and (un)willingly accept,
we all live in one house…

Potatoes she peeled: a poem for my nanna

where to begin
maybe with the small cracks
in her skin
every afternoon
and again soon
she sat down
in a kitchen
basket on her lap
whilst you heard
the water
dripping from the tap
she peeled potatoes
part of her daily chores
that earthy fragrance
ingrained in her pores
taking out the pits
with a tiny knife
the homely joys
she thought
of her daily life

Free tips for men: Toilet 🚽

When you need to pee, sit down rather than stand up! This will prevent a possible deflecting urine stream spritzing the area surrounding you. Think of bath mats, tiles, radiators, shoes and of course the toilet itself.

It will save you a lot of cleaning and will prevent bad hygiene, bacteria, sticky surfaces and rusty radiators (urine contains saltpetre).

Extra tip: keep your pubes trimmed…you don’t want them scattered all round your WC as well? Or stuck to the urine for those who’ll remain standing?

So toilet seat down and be seated😊

Stay tuned for more…

Mother of fact

as a mother of fact
she kept
all her offspring

she fed them
she bathed them
and kept them
in line

they all went
and crossed it
but we think
she’ll be fine


conceive me
carry me
hold me
feed me
need me
raise me
appraise me

stroke me
pet me
affect me
trust me
support me
believe me
perceive me

slap me
confuse me
reject me
eject me
neglect me
excuse me
leave me

Sunday morning

early on a sunday morning
w hen everything is dead
I hear the church bells ringing
lying in my bed

alone and lonely
lonely for you
I am by myself
but my heart is here with you

Little one

little one
on her arm
her nana
meant no harm
when she dropped her
on the floor
when granddad
opened the door

little one
broken in two
nana clueless
what to do
granddad said
I’ll fix her up
I’ll just get
some super glue

Screen door

aluminium and mesh
held by squeaky hinges
a gentle entry
of air
frequently fresh
oft carried
by a soft summer’s breeze
passing from porch to pantry
keeping bugs at bay
backing the back
and the front door
all seasons
night and day

More flies

more flies
fly in
than they do out

they must like head butting windows
what’s that
all about?

Iron heart

now that I left
I regret the theft
of your loving heart
ripping it out
tearing it apart
leaving it wrinkled
in crumpled pieces
I’ve brought you my iron
to remove all
the creases

The mirror of my pond

on this late
gaze and stare
the magical flow
of tiny waves
on the ceiling
of my bedroom
as the sun
a precious
tranquil diversion
bright dazzling light
of which I’m fond
the mirror of my pond

Old knot

old knot
tied up
to rest
in the gutter
of an abandoned roof
tried its best
to serve
an antenna
at the end
of a cable
the signal
and stable

Empty pillow

without my love
I put my hand on
touch it gently
if she were here
not miles away
the memory vivid
of her presence
near me
eyes shut
I feel her
empty pillow

Steam rising







tongue and cheek



steam rising

Cooking neighbours

the familiar smell
I know it all too well
the daily spell
of garlic
and beef
every day
at 6
good grief

all around
the clinking sound
of pots
n pans
the roaring noise
of kitchen fans
my cooking neighbors
not my choice…

Fire alarm

oh fire alarm
you’re such a charm
waking me early
you stupid thing
with your noise
your piercing ring

oh fire alarm
you cause me harm
loud and false
no smoke no fire
off on a hunch
you blatant liar

Faulty family

tortured dna
bonded by blood
inherited ways
dragged all through the mud

forced friendliness
at mandatory calls
awkward silences
before the usual brawls

make due with mom
put up with dad
stuck with years of nuisance
life ain’t all that bad

not chosen
all frozen


his inlaws were outlaws
he tried to fit in
but them folk
had more flaws
them degenerate kin

April was nice
yet her parents were rough
her dad was a rowdy
and her momma
looked tough

her name was May-June
and her daddy’s was Red
they were always swearin
he wished
they was dead

so one night in November
the fun begun
when Hank uttered oops
after he triggered
his gun…

Duvet cover

how will I ever recover
from battling
with my duvet cover

unwillingly resistant
it chooses it’s own path
willfully persistent
spurring endless wrath

mayhem and dismay
I may leave it
for another day

Drawn by light

to the darkness of night
it was redirected
by first light
and the fading moon
a pretty picture
the mixture
of faded shadows
and songs
of morning sparrows

this live blinding spectacle
with precious innocence
on a spring dawn
on shores
of hopeful new starts
passing slowly
as it departs…

The dying bulb

the lamp fades
wires broken
a bare lit token
by stuttering
spasmodic convulsions

darkness creeps in
upon the still of the night
when the dying bulb
slowly kills
the sizzling
flickering light

Distant sirens

faded in the dark night
sound swept by wind
on and off
the sirens
dissolve into the distance
whilst the unlucky ones
lie in wait
dreading it’s approach
the bitter

Hank the horder

Hank the horder
lived near the border
where he collected stuff
in no particular order

papers and stamps
carpets and lamps
gathering stash
even from trash

his wife Lulu
had nowhere to sit
she had OCD
and enough of it

Hank begged her to stay
yet she left anyway
when he started to gather
her excrements that day


I want
to be
your plaster
to heal
your broken skin

but you keep bleeding
cause you drank
too much
I think
5 bottles of gin?


I’m afraid to debate
when thou art in a state
a state of control
when matters matter

am I to be still
whilst thee persists
with thy
continues chatter

Midwife crisis

she saw his eyes
blinking in her womb
and said:
please come out,
no strings attached
you tiny sprout

but Feetus whispered:
I’ll stay put
and linger
for a while
before I shall embark
on this lengthy earthly trial


every day without you
is like a week of pain
every week not with you
is a month again

every minute with you
is like heaven
every second counts

Wake up call

breath slow
and deep
as I see her respire
I admire
the adorable
endearing and sweet
snoring girl

whilst I lay beside her
she pulls the covers
by tossing
and turning
until I shiver
and whisper:
I love you Beth
but Christ I’m freezing
to death


after you
my dear
when tickling me
to try
and make me
I cut myself
my brand new
and split
my tongue
in half

I don’t want to miss you anymore

I don’t want to miss you anymore
you at the other shore
much too far
the distance by car

I don’t want to miss you anymore
it gnaws on my inner core
much too hard
living so far apart

I don’t want to miss you anymore
as we done it all before
much too often
the blow don’t soften

Bloody Windows

bloody Windows
is not for me
blue screen
of death
is all
I see

not to keen
on bloody Windows

could throw it
in the river
but the fish
may bloody quiver

looking at Windows
beats me
gets me
this bloody
OS clown