Your hairdresser

she knows
all your secrets
your ailments
and pain

she knows
you are human
and need
to complain

she listens
to the hokum
that you
wish to convey

right up to
the moment
when you
have to pay


by your need
you feed
your greed
so I plead
you free yourself
in deed


Gene pool

mixed by
only a few
we are created
as off spring
amongst ourselves
in a small pool
of genes
by human
making us weak
not to mention
they did it
with every intention
just for money
not very funny

Witty word: Billbored

Definition of billbored
/bil bawrd/

1 wearied by the dullness of seeing vast amounts of billboards across the countryside whilst traveling:
Mister Barrow and Miss Parker got so billbored with all the signs wherever they drove that it triggered them to commit numerous felonies.

2 fed up off having to pay recurring bills:
After years of paying monthly rent for his trailer and the lease on his pickup Cletus got billbored before he started making moonshine down yonder in order to pay for an accountant to handle his financial affairs.

Origin of billbored:
2021; poetpas ©; Modern English, based on philosophical wit.


the mad cow
grabbed the bull
by the horns
and said:
dear sire,
not for prosperity
nor for need;
just turnover,
please proseed


old trash rekindled
revived to retro
pulled out the dumps
straight from the ghetto

air is all stale
table and chair
piled up for sale
at a price above fair

rusty lock
industrial lamps
seventies stock
give me the cramps

revamped to junk
in battered trunk
fresh antique
tres new chic

vintaged venerable stuff
resold as hype
I’ve had enough