wants to make a difference
but hardly anybody does

wants to be good
yet most of us feel bad

wants some change
whilst many of us fear it

wants to live
even though we die

Mother of fact

as a mother of fact
she kept
all her offspring

she fed them
she bathed them
and kept them
in line

they all went
and crossed it
but we think
she’ll be fine


arches flying
young lads dying
a lot of them bled
in a pool of red

swords swinging
bagpipes singing
horses charging
soldiers barging

English lots
a fair few Scots
with their pride
they turned the tide

Here lies

here lies
a liar
whom one
must admire
as he did it
for the greater good
when he told
the rapacious rotund
he could live on
without food

Wild Will

hit a rock
he was insulted
by a cock
he smacked
him in the gob
for being such
a knob

Will went back
to his chair
and proceeded
to swear
all this fuss
and his cuss
cause his wife
has no hair