you pull
my heartstrings
with your unpredictable notes
up and down
the ladder
your melody
with my melancholy
and directs it
to a feeling
of playful happiness
all Bluma
your lyrical finesse

I wrote these words to an instrumental song played by Biréli Lagrene. He was only 13 when he recorded it. He was a child prodigy and today, and/or to this day, he is one of the best (jazz) guitarists out there.

Mr Gullible

Mr Gullible
believed every little thing
was true

he believed
that every Indian
was a Sioux
every fuck
a screw
and semen
was glue
every lawyer
named Sue
all faeces
smelled of poo
every Monday
was blue
he could dance
in a canoe
was Kung fu
instead of
or Jiu Jitsu
that Google
was Yahoo
deja vu
his expire
had to pee
at Waterloo
that Tim lived
in Buktu
all he made was gross
every street
an avenue
any woodland
and every rat
a kangaroo
a cock
a doodle-doo
every peek
a boo
was Holomew

Mr Gullible
believed every little thing
was true

What is the antonym for feminism?

Out of sheer curiosity I tried to find out what the antonym or opposite is of feminism.
Seldomly have I come across a more difficult task. Let it be clear that this is not a post where I feel the need to stick up for men.

First of all dictionaries seem to come with only negative antonyms like misogyny, masculism, anti-feminism, bigotry, chauvinism, sexism, cynicism, etc. (negative for/about men).

Let’s focus on the first one:
‘Misogyny is the opposite of feminism, holding the opposite sentiment towards women and their standing, not a parallel, holding the same sentiment towards men as feminism towards women.’

Another antonym defined, masculism: Advocacy of the rights of men; adherence to or promotion of opinions, values, etc., regarded as typical of men; (more generally) anti-feminism, machismo, according to Oxford dictionary.

These all have negative or disrespectful meanings in regard to women. And it
would mean that the antonyms of these antonyms or opposites (going back), thus feminism, would be or have to be also negative?

A professor came up with this:
“Male chauvinism. Since feminism calls for equal rights for women, male chauvinism calls for women to have fewer rights.
Masculism, then, is not an antonym.
Likewise, equality is a synonym, not an antonym!!!”

Equality a synonym for feminism? Isn’t feminism only for women’s rights? came up with these words: make peace, stay in place, walk, pull, attract, best, worst??? Is that meant for women or men? Weird…
It would make sense in my country however as some women here tend to boss men around, no offence.

Now I am an egalitarian and I am working on my own witty word: equaligist
Yet these words are hardly known or used. That is a sad thing really.

What about men that stick up for themselves but respect respectful women. A malist? Again there is no such word.

Further on the matter there are discussions on forums like Quara. But often they involve personal opinions rather than plain definitions.

Anyway, I’ve come to the conclusion that feminism by feminists is regarded to be positive whilst the opposite for men is negative. Now how is that for equality…