Danny the Dalmatian

you’ve spotted me
said Danny
to the overlooking tree

you look
like you are thirsty
so I will kindly wet on thee

I also left you
a fragrance
to freshen up thy bark

so you smell nice
in this landscape oh so stark

Gene pool

mixed by
only a few
we are created
as off spring
amongst ourselves
in a small pool
of genes
by human
making us weak
not to mention
they did it
with every intention
just for money
not very funny


his stuff
using his tail
for balance
the cat walks
his daily trail
in a coat
of fur
feeling contented
an occasional purrrrrrr

Woof woof

every Sunday
a dog barks
near the store
she heard it all
too often
a thousand times

fed up
of waiting
for the return
of its boss
Jan went out
and shot it
leaving a note:
I’m sorry for your loss