The coach and the roach

a holistic coach
had an odd approach
trying to solve a problem
with the use of a cockroach

it was for a penis
that wouldn’t erect
and needed a remedy
to cure the defect

the roach was placed
in the man’s underpants
with a few leaves of nettle
and a couple of ants

the gigolo said:
“Eureka! I now have an itch;
I will proceed to pander
and I shall be rich!”


I stare
from within
the shadows
for the light
but I fear
I can’t win
this everlasting fight

has surrounded me
and embroiled me
in sorrow
I shall have faith
yet I hope
I shan’t wake

~ photo Roberto de Mitri


wants to make a difference
but hardly anybody does

wants to be good
yet most of us feel bad

wants some change
whilst many of us fear it

wants to live
even though we die


I was
I fought
my thoughts
my memories
of disagrees
of fees
and foes
I suppose
I took
my time
and drank
some wine
emptied bottles
emptying me
I fought
I won
and now
I’m free

My dna

unwanted chains
impaired by strings
of twisted cells
and all it brings

good and evil
do their duty
mixed dark and light
entwined with beauty

my dna
can’t go away
is here to stay…

April Fewl

April Fewl
was a prankster
who enjoyed
pulling legs
thinking it was cool
but came up short
when she met
her amputated man
who left her clueless
what to do
when he said:
You should’ve worn
your spectacles
before I married you…


conceive me
carry me
hold me
feed me
need me
raise me
appraise me

stroke me
pet me
affect me
trust me
support me
believe me
perceive me

slap me
confuse me
reject me
eject me
neglect me
excuse me
leave me

Sad Saul

left by his wife
he had no friends
he had no life

he was allways on his phone
so he wouldn’t feel alone

he found an ally
in his screen
and a bit of self-esteem

Ritual of sin

we Adam
and Eve
try to behave
and aim
to achieve

yet we bite
the bitter apple
and enjoy
the ritual sin
naturally imbedded
in the deep pores of our skin