April Fewl

April Fewl
was a prankster
who enjoyed
pulling legs
thinking it was cool
but came up short
when she met
her amputated man
who left her clueless
what to do
when he said:
You should’ve worn
your spectacles
before I married you…


conceive me
carry me
hold me
feed me
need me
raise me
appraise me

stroke me
pet me
affect me
trust me
support me
believe me
perceive me

slap me
confuse me
reject me
eject me
neglect me
excuse me
leave me

Ritual of sin

we Adam
and Eve
try to behave
and aim
to achieve

yet we bite
the bitter apple
and enjoy
the ritual sin
naturally imbedded
in the deep pores of our skin

All lives matter

black lives matter
white lives matter
red lives matter
yellow lives matter
blue lives matter
green lives matter
grey lives matter

it doesn’t matter;
all lives matter


are the lands
where we used
to hold our hands
rotten to
the core
where we
happily lived before

is the soil
after shuffling off
this mortal coil
nothing left
to put right
lost the battle
gave up the fight…

Mine owneth trail

thou art mine compass
and guiding lighteth
ste’ring me
in the right direction
I needeth to findeth
mine self reflection

I can’t beest sidetrack’d
and loseth mine bearings
whilst I walketh
mine owneth trail
yet I shall ch’rish
thy guidance
as I am only frail