Why o why

why do I think with 90% of the people I meet “where did you go wrong”
why did I think anyone was ever right (except me)
why do most people believe a lot of what has been written
why do people read anything that’s been written
why do people read anything I have ever written
why do people expect you to sit in the same chair forever after you sit in it twice
why do people hate you if you sit in their chair more than twice
why can women wear pants but men can’t wear dresses without being stared at
why do women wear pants if they can wear dresses
why do men behave like animals
why am I happy that animals are not like men
why do people listen to the radio listening to the same old songs for 50 years
why does anyone want to turn on a radio
why does anyone want to own one
why do dogs lick their balls (because they can)
why do kids always scream when they play on the school yard
why do people still have kids anyway (there are condoms now)
why are there still borders
why are there still orders
why aren’t we all friends
why can’t we make amends
why does money ruin everything
why don’t billionaires give away 75% of what they have to the less fortunate
why I should think not as it would also ruin the less fortunate lives
why do we have to work most of our lives
why do we work to survive when we know we won’t
why do we want to control the weather
why do you want to control anything
why don’t we accept we lose control of everything
why don’t we realize we already have lost control of nothing
why do we expect more than we can offer
why do we need to need
why do we feed this need
why did I write this
why o why